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sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

Ten little Indians!!... and then there were none...

This time you have to read one of the most praised mystery novels ever written: Ten little Indians, also called     And Then There were None!.
Since its initial publication, it has been adapted at least six times for stage and screen—including a 1944 Broadway play with a script by Christie, as well as several later treatments for television and film. It is a story that captivates us all. With this book you will learn all the secrets of the mystery genre. A classic, with all the traditional suspense elements that will catch your attention from beginning to end....

Let´s start with some facts about her life:

Christie´s novels belong to the detective genre. We have already seen and analyzed other mystery stories. Have a look at this prezi to check where does this genre come from and why it has become so popular.
Her most famous detectives are Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple

Two detectives with very different personalities.

Poirot is Belgian. He is methodical, precise, with a very high opinion of himself and Miss Marple is acharming English lady who uses similarities with people she knows to solve murders. Both are intelligent and have a great intuition!

The novel you have to read concerns a group of ten strangers who have all been invited  to spend a brief vacation at a small island off the coast of Devon, England called Indian Island. They are supposed to enjoy there but matters suddenly change when the 10 guests realize that none of them has seen their host in person. Who is this mysterious man? Why are they in the island?
Let´s read the book and then we´ll analyze all these questions. Enjoy!!!


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