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jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

Depicting Alice

Tim Burton´s film is a continuation of Alice´s story in both of Carroll´s Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

What are the differences between the film and the books? and What characters do you hope to find in the film?
Let´s watch the film and disccuss about it a little bit.

Pay attention to the following ideas:
- How are the characters presented in the film? How do they differ from the ones in the book?
- Go to the Tea Party chapter. Similarities and differencies between the film and the book. ( focus on the games, riddles, menu, etc.)
- Describe Alice in the film and in the book. Use as many adjectives as possible.
- In the novel , Alice arrives in Wonderland by falling
down a rabbit hole: however, by the end of the story, it appears she has fallen asleep and dreamt it all. Is this idea of the dream present in the film. How does Burton show her return to Wonderland?
- Analyze the use of colours in the film.
- Sense of humour
- Growth into adultohood
- games and learning th rules
- language, logic and absurd language
- Size changes.
- Surrealism
- Dreams and nightmares.
Talk about some of these ideas in the following voicethread.
Compare both the book you´ve read and the film. Talk about  your favourite character as well and her or his evolution throughout the film. Choose 2 topicos from above and tell me your opinion and ideas about them.

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